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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Log 3: Summary of Project Findings

In conclusion, the summary of the project findings as the following:
  • The research project shows that the Japanimation culture wave is spreading among youth and influence their lifestyle. 
  • The influence has raised two phenomenons: otaku and hikikomori
  • The Japanimation has a good influence in marketing and entertainment industry.
  • Using the anime style for the campaign's video animation will help to drag the youth attention.
  • Developing animation style is depending on the target market demographic and psychographic information and the cultural background. 
  • Animation in advertisement world is a powerful tool that benefiting the leading-edge companies.
  • Choosing the right animation software depends on the type of animation and the skills of the animator.
  • Designer/animator personal preference can be developed through practicing his skills in different projects.
  • This project has allowed me to practice animation professionally.
  • As a result this project has developed my professional practice and covered academic areas on animation background and old/new techniques.
  • It helped me to study the target market and identify the keys of understanding the customers in away to benefit and serve the campaign.